Farming Peerless with Whammy/Sampire

Palace of Paroxysmus

Chief Paroxysmus

Whammy, with:

  • Q Staff HCI9, LL46, ML48, SL42 SSI10 and a brace tactics12, parrying15, DCI13, S4
  • Q Staff HCI15, ML32, SL50 and ring DCI15, FCR1, FC1, LRC5, Strength3


Sampire or Whammy:

  • Sampire on swampie, with Q Staff ML, SL, 40SSI (does not work too well)
  • Whammy, with demon slayer Q Staff, LL, 10SSI (does work moderately well, gets me 0-4 keys)
  • Whammy, with Q Staff HCI9, LL46, ML48, SL42 SSI10 and a brace tactics12, parrying15, DCI13, Strength4 (works well, did not die!)
  • Whammy, with Q Staff HCI15, ML32, SL50, SSI35 (works well)
  • Whammy, with Q Staff demon slayer FC1, ML32, SSI35 (winning combo! can afk farm!)


  • most important: find a method to not die of boredom while farming the little snots Oo

Twisted Weald

Dread Horn

Whammy, with:

  • Q Staff ML, SL, 40SSI (but I lost this staff…)
  • Q Staff HCI9, LL46, ML48, SL42 SSI10 and a brace tactics12, parrying15, DCI13, S4 (did not work well, but used low Spirit Speak; nevertheless appears too slow)
  • Q staff with HCI15, ML32, SL50, SSI35; tested and approved. comes along with Ring: DCI15, FCR1, FC1, LRC5, Strength3. Other rings bore complete failure.


Easy, once it’s figured out. Only issue is autofarming, which proves unefficient as of yet. But since Irk mirrors her opponents, the trick is to un-equip before charging her, then after she attacks, re-equip. Crucial!

  • Build is Whammy on Swamp Dragon with Exceptional Dragon Barding Deed.
  • Resistances are 70/70/59/70/57 (fire is a must)
  • Weapon: Q Staff DI40, HML44, HSL34, SSI40
  • Use Curse Weapon from scrolls all the time
  • Issues:
    • auto-targeting IRK only (and not Guile or Spite)
    • not honoring self (bc auto-targeting after getting target is on mirror graphic)

Lady Lissith and Lady Sabrix

Extremely easy by themselves (when going with Sampire, even on horse, and a spider slayer with double strike). Autofarming also almost solved, bad thing: two nearby above-normal changelings (Guile and Spite) often times asks for trouble. Still looking for solution to keep this nuisance off my skin 😉


So easy that it is not worth talking about it: take any weapon with the leeches your template needs, stand and auto attack closest enemy. Works until weapon breaks.

The Citadel

The Keys

Normal form with ss on Swampie with Dragon Barding Deed, with:

  • Black Staff, Dispel26, ML34, SL40, SSI40, Fire Damage90, Poison10

The Travesty

Whammy, with:

  • Q Staff HCI15, ML32, SL50 and ring DCI15, FCR1, FC1, LRC5, Strength3

Prism of Light

The Keys

Sampire, or Whammy on Swampie with armor. The only thing important is to single your opponent out, and not go for the full monty. So, advance slowly, to not attract all of the spawn.

Shimmering Effusion

Work in progress. This does not work:

  • whammy or sampire with the above staff
  • plus res spells
  • with or without swampy

The template breaks at these occasions:

  • when spawn arrives (such as corporeal brume)
  • when damage output comes high and frequent
  • too much magic is called by template so it does nothing for a while

Some ideas to overcome this:

  • have area damage output on weapon, by whirlwind or area damage (works ok on paragon balron)
  • reduce damage input, f.e. by evasion or any such thing (tested on paragon balron, effect unclear)
    • maybe more stamina, which would mean less mana
    • then higher ML is a must, but also lower swing speed on staff possible
  • all 70 resist suit (maybe not decisive?)
  • more FC, FCR
  • more ML
  • switch to elf:
    • it would grant 20 mana but no using wraith form anymore
    • hence, higher ML would be more important
  • use Soul Seeker
  • what about momentum strike?
  • use res spells

First tests, outside of prism:

  • too much revocery time – issue:
    • dropped HCI/DCI to around 30, added 2/4 fc/fcr
    • this is to avoid casting delay
    • works all well with para balron, but not with black staff
  • extra spawn:
    • made another macro that includes momentum strike and excludes double strike
    • works well on simple mobs
  • damage output:
    • test once with whammy, and once with sampire (swampie can be parked inside champ area)
    • unclear: can evasion replace counter attack for the better?

Second test, inside of prism:

  • too much recovery time – issue:
    • switched to 2/5 fc/fcr
    • good!
  • extra spawn:
    • failed to initiate macro, bc first call of momentum strike needs to be set manually (or with second macro)
  • damage output:
    • generally works well (survived some time)
    • went in on parox swampie (means i have not used 20% armor)
    • still unclear: effect of evasion
  • in general:
    • switched to more stamina and less mana, to use triple leech staff
      • good effect
      • like before, sometimes not enough mana. change script?

More ideas:

  • use a weapon with feint, armor ignore
    • was ok
  • use protection spell
    • did not work

Latest test was not successfull:

whammy with leafblade, and a focus on fc/fcr. Dies when spawn arrives, sometimes goes low on HP. It’s better than before but still died. Bringing extra equipment and store it in safe area is a good idea.


Next test will be:

  • with Glady’s collar
  • on regular swampy with 20% armor
  • 100 SS, but only in human form
  • Q Staff instead of Leafblade
  • unresolved problem: extra spawn



Lots of spawn, each one by itself not even worth the hassle to write it down, but since they are numerous: it appears best to single them out, one by one, and collect their keys in this way. Either use whirlwind weapon or momentum strike.

Monstrous Interred Grizzle

not done yet